The History of Fried Rice

Origin and features of Chinese Fried Rice recipes:

China is one of the important destinations when we talk about fried rice and different recipes included in the category. According to rough estimates, the fried rice was originated in 598 – 618 AD. The motive behind the origin of this category of cuisine was to utilize the leftover foods in a way that would make the entire dish new and original.

Some of the basic features that we can associate with the fresh rice category, in general, are highlighted in this article. I am sure these features will enhance your knowledge and will make you enjoy making your fried rice recipes.

  • Leftover food:

The basic concept of the fried rice recipes is to utilize the food leftovers in an efficient way. Even now when, you plan your menu and include the fried recipe in it, you are advised to boil your rice a day before so you can get the right kind of dryness in your rice. So overall, the concept of using leftover food is still alive and it is the essence of the dishes in this food category.

  • Vegetable or Meat Dishes:

The fried rice category is not particularly based on the vegetable or meat use alone. Since the inception of these recipes, you can use either vegetable, the meat of any kind or both meat and vegetables together forgetting the dish ready. This food category doesn’t bind you to any specific set of ingredients to be used. This is why today, we can find a variety of fried rice dishes.

  • Use of stir-frying method:

The stir-frying is the essential component of all the variants of the fried rice category. Rice, which is precooked (steamed or boiled), are stir-fried with the vegetables and other ingredients to give them the required taste.  There can be some variations in recipes like frying the vegetables alone first before mixing them with rice etc.  But again, stir-frying is still there.

  • Garnishing is important:

Although garnishing is important in every recipe so that you can actually attract the diners towards it, in Chinese fried rice recipes garnishing cannot be ignored. There are different garnishing options that you can choose from. Celery or carrots are amongst the top garnishing ingredients that Chinese dishes make use of. Apart from that sprinkling, coriander can bean option but it would deviate from the original Chinese recipe that you could be looking for.

  • Nutritional value:

The nutritional value associated with Chinese cuisine is high. Mostly, proteins and carbohydrates can be expected from the fried rice dishes. Oil is used for stir-frying only so you don’t have to worry much about the intake of fatty substances through these cuisines that would enhance your cholesterol level. Additionally, vinegar, soya sauce and other sauces are used in little quantities, limiting the health concerns, which might arise from using these sauces. However, you should take into account the type of meat that you are going to use in your dish to get a better idea about the nutritional value of your cuisine.

 These are some of the features that you can associate with a typical Chinese fried rice dish. Since its origin, these dishes are still liked by the vast majority of individuals and it can provide you with a great alternative for plain rice. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to utilize your leftover foods.